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We present: a platform that allows everyone to become partners in attractive returns of renewable forms of energy. Founders Team
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    Most suitable for the private person, who would like to get into Renewable Energy the first time.

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    The pick of a private investor, who would like to diversify his Portfolio with Renewable Energy.

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    The choice for companies, who would like to secure their Assets with Renewable Energy.

Energy Mining Founders

  • Domenic Haag

    Domenic Haag

    With extensive experience in business development and finance, Domenic Haag is the financial head behind Like the members of, he is a "risk-averse risk investor" who is willing to take predictable risks when the odds are in balance.

  • Patric Pförtner

    Patric Pförtner

    Patric Pförtner has set up as CTO and is now responsible for marketing the platform. His career in brief: Psychology studies in Sofia as well as co-founder and CEO of Pfoertner and Partners LTD. Like Mr Haag, he is a 'risk-averse risk investor', ready to take risks that are calculable.

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