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      • Patric Pförtner

        Patric Pförtner

        Co-Founder Energ.io

      • The focus of Energ.io is to make the energy supply more environmentally friendly through the use of wind power. The destination country Bulgaria has first-class geographic and meteorological conditions. Together with IT Solutions PD we have decided to make electricity production in Bulgaria more sustainable. Together with energ.io, we are pleased to offer investors the opportunity to participate in our project.

      Legal notice according to § 12 Abs. 2 VermAnlG: The acquisition of the assets offered here involves considerable risks.


      Bulgaria is located in the southeast of Europe and borders large parts of Greece, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and the Black Sea. The climate and political stability (EU member state) make Bulgaria a perfect place for power generation. In addition to the many sun and wind hours, the country also offers countless raging rivers that are ideal for hydroelectric power plants. The electricity from Bulgaria is exported to several countries, including Germany.

      • The enormously high wind hours on the Bulgarian coastal areas make the country an important growth market for wind projects. More and more energy providers rely on cost-effective, reliable and clean wind energy. Together with the IT Solutions PD, we opted not only for solar and hydropower but also for wind energy. Here, our goal is to build a wind park on the Black Sea to meet the ultimate goal of a performance of 10MW. Here we offer you the opportunity to contribute financially to the development of the wind park with a total financing volume of 25.270.000 EUR. Here you can participate with up to 10.000 € on our platform.

      About the project operator IT Solutions PD LTD

      IT Solutions PD LTD is an international provider of renewable energy solutions with the aim of promoting the development and construction of renewable energy projects in order to contribute to the global energy transition. The services offered by IT Solutions PD range from the development of project areas to the planning and implementation of turnkey photovoltaic plants, wind turbines and mini hydro plants, as well as the operation and maintenance of individual plants and plant portfolios.

      • The enterprise is meanwhile active on altogether two continents and represented internationally by own national companies and in each case also by local personnel. The company has offices in Germany, the US, and Bulgaria, where the project site is also located.

        The previous renewable energy projects were pre-financed by a shareholder loan from Wolf-Gate UG and a management loan from the management and will now be refinanced via energ.io to meet the respective objectives in solar, wind and hydropower.

      Details on the project structure can be found under 'Conditions' item 'Downloads'.

      Your contribution

      As an investor, you receive a return of at least 5.20% p.a. for a term of 3 years, for the first time on 01.02.2019. The repayment will be made on a daily basis over a period of 3 years. Under the tab "Conditions" you can see more information. Contribute to a sustainable energy supply now and invest in this project.

      • Personal carbon footprint: For every 1,000, - EUR loans, about 0,4446 tons of CO2 are saved per year. On average, a person in Germany causes a carbon footprint of about 11 tonnes of CO2 per year.

    • Technical Data

      Wind turbine V90-2.0 MW™

      The V90-1.8 / 2.0 MW has proven its reliability for a long time. The availability of this series averaged over 97% in 2009. This allows for good yield forecasts and makes the V90-1.8 / 2.0MW a safe choice when it comes to power generation at low and medium wind speeds.

      • Manufacturer:

      • Vestas Wind Systems A/S

      • Typ:

      • V90-2.0 MW™

      • Technology:

      • Three-stage gearbox: one planetary stage, two spur gear stages

      • Power:

      • IEC IIIA – 50 Hz: 2.000 kW

      • Rated wind speed:

      • 12 m/s

      • Wind class:

      • IEC IIIA and DIBt II (V90-2.0 MW)

      • Rotor diameter:

      • 90 m

      • Rated speed:

      • 14,5 U/min

      • Tubular steel tower:

      • 105 m (IEC IIIA)

    • Conditions

      On this page we provide you with an overview of all important figures and dates for this project.

      Energ.io - RelaxInvestment Wind Energy
      Financing volume: 2.500.000 Euro
      Loan: Subordinated loan with qualified subordination
      Interest payment rhythm: calculated daily / annually
      Redemption payment rhythm: daily
      Available from: 01.02.2019
      Minimum investment: 100€. In addition, each divisible by the amount 25
      Maximum Amount: 100€ € 1,000 / € 10,000 for free capital assets i. H. of at least € 100,000
      interest: at least 5,2% p. a.
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      description Terms of Service
      description Data Protection
      Loan agreement: description Loan agreement (as a sample)
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  • 100

    ENERG.IO RelaxInvestment

    Wind Energy - One-time investment

    Wind Energy Kit: 100 Watt

    Produces 6,0 kW / Day (± 5%)

    Daily Payouts: 0.11€ (± 5%)

    Contract Time: 3 Years

    Interest rate: at least 5,2% p. a.

    Final capital: Ca. 120.45

    Drag the icon to name your amount

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