Face to face

Energ.io - One team, many personalities.

  • Domenic Haag

    Domenic Haag

    With extensive experience in business development and finance, Domenic Haag is the financial head behind Energ.io. Like the members of Energ.io, he is a "risk-averse risk investor" who is willing to take predictable risks when the odds are in balance.

  • Patric Pförtner

    Patric Pförtner

    Patric Pförtner has set up Energ.io as CTO and is now responsible for marketing the platform. His career in brief: Psychology studies in Sofia as well as co-founder and CEO of Pfoertner and Partners LTD. Like Mr Haag, he is a 'risk-averse risk investor', ready to take risks that are calculable.

  • Steven Sharemenr

    Steven Sharemen

    Steven is an energy systems engineer and entrepreneur. He has a passion for changing the way people think about and use energy. He is currently helping to grow sales in the United States. His small farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US has his own solar array and 20 egg-laying chickens.

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